P Is For Pie

The Audubon Park Garden District has a funky eclectic feel with random shops, boutiques and foods!  One of our favorite stops of our tour through the area was P Is For Pie.

We had been seeing things about P Is For Pie for quite some time and finally had time to run in and try some of their goodies.  I am so glad that we did.  They had several different pies to choose from but I was drawn straight to the Apple Hand Pie.  I am not sure that I have ever heard of “Hand Pie” but from what I gather it is just pie you eat with your hands.

The apple had a fantastic flaky crust that was topped with chunky sugar.  It was SUPER good.  I am sure I will find my way back across town to have another very soon!

For more information about P Is For Pie, and to see their menu, visit www.crazyforpies.com.

2806 Corrine Drive
Orlando, Florida 32803


Tuesday – Saturday 8am – 6pm 
Closed Sunday – Monday

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