1618 Something Different Retro

If you are looking for a fun and funky store to find that exact right retro piece for your house…then head over to 1618 Something Different Retro!  I felt like I stepped into another time when we strolled through the store.  Even though the store is not huge, there seemed to be an oddly large amount of items. We found old projectors, dishes and wall art!  The inventory changes daily so I can’t wait to see what I find the next time I visit!

Call for store hours!

1618 Something Different Retro in Orlando, Florida

Address: 1618 N Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida
Phone: (407) 897-6707

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I am the mom of the typical American family that did a not-so-typical thing! We moved 1000 miles south of our hometown to a city we knew little about. Those first few weeks were crazy! I didn't go anywhere without putting the address into my GPS. I drove the wrong way on the Turnpike & the 408 and at one point ended up in Winter Park when I was headed to Winter Springs! We struggled with everything from finding doctors and dentists to determining where to grocery shop. Every trip to get gas or dinner was a new exploration and adventure. Within a few weeks, however, we had made a serious dent in our "To Find" list and started to feel a little confident in this new city. Today, It has been nearly 2 years since we pulled that moving truck into Orlando and we all couldn't be happier or more settled! This isn't the path for every family...that's for sure. But if you are prepared for the same journey, hopefully I can be a resource for you so you don't end up in Hunter's Creek when you are trying to go to Altamonte Springs!

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