Paintball party with large groupOur family has always had birthday parties each year for each kid but on their 13th, 16th & 18th (having the first of those not too long from now) we do major blow-out events!  I’m talking, “Invite everyone you know and let’s blow the budget” kind of parties! And as luck would have it, the very first of these milestone celebrations since the big move is our youngest son’s 13th birthday!

You have to have a little back story to know why this matters – Our youngest son wanted nothing to do with a move to Florida. In fact, he asked his best friend’s mom if he could move in with them so he wouldn’t have to move!  He hated the idea of leaving everything he had ever known and all that he found security in, to move to “stupid Florida”!  And now…only a few short months into this new life he is supposed to have his first blow-out birthday!

A few weeks ago it hit me like a ton of bricks…this was going to be a challenge! We needed to create a memorable day that would make him not be sad that his northern friends weren’t here to celebrate with him.  It has always been an “invite everyone” event!  He doesn’t know all that many people!!

Well luckily for me his best bud’s mom is also a good friend of mine, and their family just happens to LOVE Florida!  So we all made it happen!  Their family came down for a visit, and he has made a couple of really good new friends here in town, so we were able to still give him the event that he wanted!  And it included guns!

Paintball World Sports Complex was the perfect place for our birthday boy, two Indiana buds and two new Florida friends to defend their territory and fight to the death! Add a few dads in there and this was a celebration worthy of the title “13th Birthday Party”!  Even big sis got in on the action! Father and daughter in paintball gear

Needless to say, he was happy!  And that makes my mom-heart very peaceful!

For more information about Paintball World Sports Complex visit their website

Paintball World Sports Complex
4801 West Colonial Dr
Phone: 407 218 9490
Monday – Friday 12pm-12am
Saturday & Sunday 10am -12am


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